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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1899Y a-t-il de l’utopie dans le marxisme?Sorel, Georges
2012Y a-t-il des terres inconnues? Considérations sur l’utopie selon Tommaso CampanellaBerriel, Carlos; Demonet, Marie Luce; Fournel, Jean-Louis
1972-04Yahoo: Swift and the AssesPyle, Fitzroy
1950-7-22Yahoos and HouyhnhnmsKermode, Frank
1982-SpringYankees in Camelot: The Democratization of Chivalry in James Russell Lowell, Mark Twain, and Edward Arlington RobinsonKenney, Alice
1972-02Year of UtopiasGaumann, Gladys Valcourt
2008-SpringYearning for Utopia: A Conversation With Claude LalumièreLaurie, Roberta
2017Yellow Perils: M. P. Shiel, Race, and the Far East MenaceLavender, Isiah, III; Ransom, Amy
1990Yellow, black, metal and tentacled: the race question in American science fictionDavies, Philip John; James, Edward
1972-10Yesterday and Tomorrow: A Study of the Utopian and Dystopian VisionKeller, Elaine; Rosen, Deborah
2005-10Yesterday Never Dies: perdre et retrouver l’Histoire dans quatre sociétés post-cataclysmiquesTerre, Denise; Minne, Samuel
1991-09Yesterday’s Bestsellers, 5: Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan of the ApesStableford, Brian Michael
2011-02Yesterday’s TomorrowsSleight, Graham
2013-12Yesterday’s Tomorrows and Tomorrow’s Yesterdays: Utopian Literary Visions of the AntarcticLeane, Elizabeth
1968Yesterday’s Tomorrows: A Historical Survey of Future SocietiesArmytage, Walter Harry Green
1984Yesterday’s Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American FutureCorn, Joseph; Horrigan, Brian
2020Yesterday’s Tomorrows: The Story of Classic British Science Fiction in 100 BooksAshley, Mike
1890-01Yet Another Utopia [Summary of Laveleye, E. de. “Two New Utopias]Secretan, Charles
2006You Are Where You Eat: Negotiating Hindu Utopias in AtlantaMadden, Etta; L., Martha; McClymond, Kathryn
2004You Can’t Go Home Again: Kirinyaga by Mike ResnickBartter, Martha; Williams, Lynn