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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991x and Death in Nuclear War Literature of the 1950sAnisfield, Nancy; Smetak, Jacqueline
2004X,y,z,t: Dimensions of Science FictionBroderick, Damien
1855xplanation Given by Robert Pemberton, F.R.S.L., Of his Happy Colony at the Public Meeting held at St. Martin’s Hall, London, on the 1st of January, 1855, proving that his investigation of the human mind is in perfect harmony withthe philosophy of Robert OwenPemberton, Robert
2015-06Xyphon in Psalmanazar’s Description of Formosa in An Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa (1704)Shimada, Takau
1899Y a-t-il de l’utopie dans le marxisme?Sorel, Georges
2012Y a-t-il des terres inconnues? Considérations sur l’utopie selon Tommaso CampanellaBerriel, Carlos; Demonet, Marie Luce; Fournel, Jean-Louis
1972-04Yahoo: Swift and the AssesPyle, Fitzroy
1950-7-22Yahoos and HouyhnhnmsKermode, Frank
1982-SpringYankees in Camelot: The Democratization of Chivalry in James Russell Lowell, Mark Twain, and Edward Arlington RobinsonKenney, Alice
1972-02Year of UtopiasGaumann, Gladys Valcourt
2008-SpringYearning for Utopia: A Conversation With Claude LalumièreLaurie, Roberta
2017Yellow Perils: M. P. Shiel, Race, and the Far East MenaceLavender, Isiah, III; Ransom, Amy
1990Yellow, black, metal and tentacled: the race question in American science fictionDavies, Philip John; James, Edward
1972-10Yesterday and Tomorrow: A Study of the Utopian and Dystopian VisionKeller, Elaine; Rosen, Deborah
2005-10Yesterday Never Dies: perdre et retrouver l’Histoire dans quatre sociétés post-cataclysmiquesTerre, Denise; Minne, Samuel
1991-09Yesterday’s Bestsellers, 5: Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan of the ApesStableford, Brian Michael
2011-02Yesterday’s TomorrowsSleight, Graham
2013-12Yesterday’s Tomorrows and Tomorrow’s Yesterdays: Utopian Literary Visions of the AntarcticLeane, Elizabeth
1968Yesterday’s Tomorrows: A Historical Survey of Future SocietiesArmytage, Walter Harry Green
1984Yesterday’s Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American FutureCorn, Joseph; Horrigan, Brian