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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014R-Urban: Strategies and Tactics for Participative Utopias and Resilient PracticesBradley, Karin; Hedrén, Johan; Petcou, Constantin; Petrescu, Doina
1968Rabelais and His WorldBakhtin, Mikhail
1978-Fall/WinterRabelais et la Science FictionGoumarre, Pierre
1936Rabelais et Swift à propos du lilliputienPons, Emile
1922-11Rabelais--A Source for Gulliver’s TravelsEddy, William
1982-12Rabelais: forme, matière et utopieNepveu, Pierre
1978Rabelais’s Gargantua and PantagruelKennedy, William
1985-SpringRabelais’s ‘Abbaye de Thélème’: Utopias SupplemenFreccero, Carl
1982-SummerRace and Politics in Two Brazilian UtopiasPatai, Daphne
2017Race as Technology’ and the Asian Body in Bohr and Salt Fish GirlLavender, Isiah, III; Kurtz, Malisa
2011Race in American Science FictionLavender, Isiah, III
2005Race Matters: People of Color, Ideology and the Politics of Erasure and Reversal in Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness and Mary Doria Russell’s The SparrowKhader, Jamil
2001Race Travel in Turn-of-the-Century African American Utopian FictionFabi, Maria Giulia
1993‘Race Travel’: Towards a Taxonomy of Turn-of-the-Century African American Utopian FictionBaccolini, Raffaella; Fortunati, Vita; Minerva, Nadia; Fabi, Maria Giulia
2011Race, Aliens, and the U.S. Government in African-American Science FictionEdwards, Elisa
2008Race, Robots, and the LawHassler, Donald; Wilcox, Clyde; Raiford, Wanda
2008-WinterRachel Writes Back: Racialised Androids and Replicant TextsReid, Michelle
1997Racial Boundaries and ‘Hidden’ African-American Utopias: Grigg’s Imperium in Imperio and Hopkins’s ‘Of One Blood’Shor, Francis Robert
2015Racial Speculations: (Bio)technology, Battlestar Galactica, and a Mixed-Race ImaginingRoh, David; Huang, Betsy; Niu, Greta; Huh, Jinny
2015Radical Acts of Cultivation: Ecological Utopianism and Genetically Modified Organisms in Ruth Ozeki’s All Over CreationRouyan, Anahita