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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022(P)rescription Narratives: Feminist: Feminist Medical Fiction and the Failure of American CensorshipTavera, Stephanie Pebles
1994P.K. Dick e la questione della technica (o della tecnologia)Riz, Francesca Bisutti De; Zorzi, Rosella Mamoli; Coslovi, Marina; Rossi, Umberto
2001Pablo Neruda and the Construction of Past and Future in the Canto generalMascia, Mark
2010Padre Himalaya: O Retrato de um Utopista PortuguêsLemos, Márcia
1989Paesi di cuccagna e mondi alla rovesciaFortunati, Vita; Zucchini, Giampaolo; Fortunati, Vita; Zucchini, Giampaolo
2000Painwise in Space: The Psychology of Isolation in Cordwainer Smith and James P. Tiptree, JrWestfahl, Gary; Elms, Alan
1993Paisagens Pós-UtópicasMaria de Souza, Eneida
1992Pakistan as a Peasant Utopia: The communalization of Class Politics in East Bengal, 1920-1947Haslam, Jason
2003‘Palaces for the People’--A Kind of Utopia?Parrinder, Patrick
2022The Palgrave Handbook of Utopian and Dystopian LiteratureMarks, Peter, ed.; Vieira, Fátima, ed.; Wagner-Lawlor, Jennifer, ed.
2015Palimsestic Orientalisms and Antiblackness or, Josh Whedon’s Grand Vision of an Asian/American TomorrowRoh, David; Huang, Betsy; Niu, Greta; Ishii, Douglas
2001Pamphlet, utopie, manifeste (XIXe-XXe siècles)Dumasy, Lise; Massol, Chantal
1972Pandora’s Box, Pandora’s Jar: The Impact of DiscoveryMullett, Charles
2014Pandora’s Box: Avatar, Ecology, ThoughtCanavan, Gerry; Robinson, Kim Stanley; Morton, Timothy
2008Pandora’s Box: Reflections on a MyGeoghegan, Vincent
1973Panorama de la science fiction: Les thèmes les genres, les écoles, les problèmesHerp, Jacques Van
1970-01/06Panorama de l’utopisme française au XVIII siècleRihs, Charles
1971Pansophia, a Seventeeth-Century Dream of ScienceManuel, Frank
1993Pantisocracy and the Politics of the ‘Preface’ to Lyrical BalladsYarrington, Alison; Everest, Kelvin; Leask, Nigel
1983-07Pantropy, Polyploidy, and Tectogenesis in the Fiction of James Blish and Norman L. KnightKetterer, David