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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992B.F. SkinnerBenewick, Robert; Green, Philip; Sargent, Lyman Tower
1983B.F. Skinner: Walden TwoBurghahn, Klaus; Seeber, Hans Ulrich; Schwarz, Egon
1984B.F. Skinner: Walden Two (1948)Heuermann,Hartmut; Lange, Bernd Peter; Schaller, Hans-Wolfgang
1963Babeuf et les problémes du babouvismeColloque International de Stockholm
1999Back from the Future: Katherine Burdekin and Science Fiction in the 1930sJoannou, Maroula; Williams, Keith
2002Back from Utopia: The Challenge of the Modern MovementHenket, Hubert-Jan; Heynen, Hilde
1997Back to Methuselah: An Exercise of ImaginationWolf, Milton; Gahan, Peter
1997Back to Nature, with the Help of TechnologyLenning, Alkeline Van; Bekker, Marrie; Vanwesenbeeck, Ine; Van der Waals, Fransje
2002-SummerBack to the Far Future? Futures of Destiny and Desire in British Science FictionParrinder, Patrick
2000Back to the FutureCoates, Stephen; Stetter, Alex; Kerr, Joe
2001-02-01Back to the Future from 1888: One Writer’s Vision of a Technological Utopia Has Stood the Test of TimeSegal, Howard
2009Back to the Future in Dead EuropePavlides, Eleni
1994-SummerBack to the Future: Childhood as UtopiaNeustadter, Roger
1987-03Back to the Future: Margaret Atwood’s Anti-Utopian Vision in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’Nischik, Reingard
2013Back to the Future: News from NowhereByerly, Alison
2001-SpringBack to the Future: The Contemporary Left and the Politics of UtopiaSoron, Dennis
2008-05Back to the Future: The Expanding Field of Latin American Science FictionHaywood Ferreira, Rachel
2010-11Back to the Future: Wells, sociology, utopia and methodLevitas, Ruth
2011Back to the Garden: New Visions of Posthuman FutureJendrysik, Mark Stephen
2003Background to Brave New World: Five Essays By Aldous HuxleyMeckier, Jeromeand; Nugel, Bernfried; Sexton, James