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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986-Spring1886: Past View’s of Ireland’s FutureJames, Edward
1999-10A ‘double-dyed distilled detractor and denigrator of decency, dignity and decorum’: Eric Frank Russell as AnarchistJames, Edward
2005Arthur C. ClarkeSeed, David; James, Edward
2000Before the Novum: The Prehistory of Science Fiction CriticismParrinder, Patrick; James, Edward
1996-AutumnBuilding Utopias on Mars, from Crusoe to RobinsonJames, Edward
2005-SpringClarke’s Utopian VisionSawyer, Andy; Butler, Andrew; Mendlesohn, Farah; James, Edward
1999Even Worse, It Could Be Perfect’: Aspects of the Undesirable Utopia in Modern Science FictionSlusser, George; Alkon, Paul; Gaillard, Roger; Chatelain, Danièle; James, Edward
2015Lois McMaster BujoldJames, Edward
2014Reflections on ‘Yellow, black, metal and tentacled,’ Twenty-Four Years OnLavender, Isiah; James, Edward
2000Rewriting the Christian Apocalypse as a Science-Fictional EventSeed, David; James, Edward
2009Russ on Writing Science Fiction and Reviewing ItMendlesohn, Farah; James, Edward
1995Science Fiction by Gaslight: An Introduction to English-Language Science Fiction in the Nineteenth CenturySeed, David; James, Edward
1995Science Fiction in the 20th CenturyJames, Edward
1987-WinterThe Future Viewed from Mid-Century Britain: Clarke, Hampson and the Festival of BritainJames, Edward
2006The Possible Cost of ComplacencyKincaid, Paul; Butler, Andrew; James, Edward
1992The Profession of Science Fiction: SF Writers on their Craft and IdeasJakubowski, Maxim; James, Edward
2003Utopias and anti-utopiasMendlesohn, Farah; James, Edward; James, Edward
1990Violent Revolution in modern American science fictionDavies, Philip John; James, Edward